Education overview

Education about our environment is the only way that we can ensure proper management of our community’s natural resources. This knowledge will help us make informed decisions that support development, whilst remaining considerate to potential negative impacts to the environment.

There is a fundamental balance to be found within the Red Sea region; between the growth of the economy and development of international commerce, against long-term actions that ensure the sustainability of valuable habitats and connected flora and fauna. The aim of our educational campaign is to provide our community with knowledge and understanding of the linked themes that embody the structure of the Red Sea region.

  • School Environmental Curriculum

    School Environmental Curriculum

    The HEPCA Healthy Habitat Education Program has been designed by teachers and scientific experts as a didactic resource for a wide range of key stages. The program provides contextualised learning within the Red Sea region.

  • Teacher Training Workshops

    Teacher Training Workshops

    HEPCA hosts a number of teacher guidance and knowledge sessions conducted by our team of experts. Develop your knowledge of the Red Sea region to pass on to our future generations.