Caring for the Red Sea

HEPCA’s Mandate is the protection and conservation of the land and marine ecology in the Red Sea area. We are relentless in the pursuit of ensuring that both the marine and terrestrial ecosystems retain their natural beauty, and their resources are utilised in a sustainable manner in order to allow future generations to enjoy the wonders of nature.

HEPCA's New Website for Samadai – Dolphin House

Official Website for Samadai

Check out our new web-site dedicated exclusively to Samadai - Dolphin House. This fully interactive web-site is loaded with resources and information about this precious site and its resident spinner dolphins. Let's show the world that when it comes to dolphin protection, Egypt is second to none.

Our Latest News

15 Oct 2014

Last week we received a violation report by a concerned member of the diving community about two turtles in captivity at a fish restaurant.

The two turtles were located and were found in...

281 New Samadai Certified Guides in the Southern Red...
17 Sep 2014
281 New Samadai Certified Guides in the Southern Red Sea   

Within the month of August, Hepca conducted a series of Samadai Guides Training and Certification sessions are part of our "best practice guides" for the Red Sea region and aim to revitalize the Samadai...

Sea Turtles of The Egyptian Red Sea Guide
17 Sep 2014
Sea Turtles of The Egyptian Red Sea Guide   

In Hepca we believe that both education and environmental law enforcement can go hand in hand to ensure a better future for the Egyptian Red Sea. So after last month incident of the photos of the young...

Thank You, Elba Rangers !
15 Sep 2014
Thank You, Elba Rangers !   

The rangers of Elba protectorate successfully arrested 4 saudis for hunting animals within the protectorate's limitis. After the arrest، the 4 individuals were identified from a photo they previously posted...

Rescue Mission Accomplished !
09 Sep 2014
Rescue Mission Accomplished !   

22 dolphins stranded in the shallow waters in Marsa Alam, Hepca & local community go to the rescue!

100 New Waste containers in Hurghada |
08 Sep 2014
100 New Waste containers in Hurghada |   

In Hepca's continuous efforts to ensure the cleanness of Hurghada, we added 100 new waste containers to the existing containers in the streets of the city.

Samadai Certification Training
01 Aug 2014
Samadai Certification Training   

Dear Members, We would like to inform you that HEPCA will be carrying out Samadai Guide Training Sessions during the month of August 2014.....

Clean-Ups June 2014
04 Jul 2014
Clean-Ups June 2014   

Marine debris remains to be one of the most crucial problems of the Red Sea, all the debris that finds its way to the water, or to the beaches present a real threat to marine life, and turtle nesting areas....

Mooring System Latest News
02 Jul 2014
Mooring System Latest News   

Since its foundation in the early 1990's HEPCA has been responsible for developing, installing and maintaining a boat mooring system to protect the fragile coral reefs of the Red Sea. And on a daily basis,...

Environmental Violations: A Real Threat to the Future...
30 Jun 2014
Environmental Violations: A Real Threat to the Future of the Red Sea   

As part of Hepca's effort for environmental conservation, our team on a daily basis patrols the sea to insure that people are respecting the environmental laws, but we also rely on your reports of any...

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Code of Conduct for Dolphin Encounters Code of Conduct for Dolphin Encounters

How to correctly behave during a dolphin encounter at sea?
Please, follow the Code of Conduct to protect dolphins and bring Red Sea regulations in-line with international...


The Madrasty Initiative The Madrasty Initiative

Reforming education through school renovation. Children are the lifeblood and future of our society. Many thousands of children in Egypt are receiving little or no education,...


Coastal Survey Coastal Survey

The Red Sea is a rich and diverse ecosystem. More than 1200 species of fish have been recorded in the Red Sea, and around 10% of these are found nowhere else. The Red Sea...

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