28 Oct2020

Marsa Alam Clean-up campaigns in October

Marsa Alam Clean-up campaigns in October


The solid waste work team HEPCA - The Southern sector - conducted several cleaning campaigns during the month of October in Marsa Alam city, around schools on the occasion of the new school year, and on the beaches after the summer season.

Public beaches cleaned were Marsa Samadai, Marsa Assalaya, Marina Marsa Alam, and Naizak. Litter boxes were also placed on the four beaches, after we received many complaints about the lack of garbage containers in those areas.

We kindly ask all beaches’ visitors to dispose their waste in the designated boxes, we also ask the boats crews not to throw the waste of boats into the sea as it severely harms the marine environment, which is the main source of national income and for the marine sports employees, please keep the garbage in sealed bags and throw it In the litter box closest to you on land.

Unfortunately, we make regular cleaning campaigns for these beaches, but the wrong behaviour of some destroys all the efforts made in this regard.

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