01 Jul2020

Updates about the Red Sea Moorings

Updates about the Red Sea Moorings


As Part of HEPCA's mission to protect the Red Sea Coral Reefs, HEPCA's moorings team conducted a visit to the most important diving spots to apply maintenances for currents buoys and add new ones in needed areas in 1st 6 months of 2020.

The diving spots visited were the areas of North Hurghada, Hurghada, Safaga, Quseir, Marsa Alam, Wadi El-Gemal, Hamata and Brothers Islands where we checked the buoys to applied maintenance and installed new buoys.

The moorings team visited 152 locations out of 164, checked 815 buoys out of 880, maintained 464 buoys, reinstalled 370, and added 12 new ones in Brothers Islands, Bakol, El- Erg El-Kabeer, Gobal due to the increased need in those areas, to reach a total of 892 buoys spread across the Red Sea.  

All moorings' maintenance operations were applied via HEPCA's boats (1, 3, 4, and Amr Ali Red Sea Defender). Nonetheless Ducks Safa Quseir donated two boats (Blue Bird & Salem) to assist us in this regard.

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