06 Jun2020

Removing of a large oil stain in Marsa Alam

Removing of a large oil stain in Marsa Alam


Upon receiving a report from the staff of Shagra Touristic Village in Marsa that there is an oil gathering in the area between Shagra and Habiba Villages at the kilo 20 north of Marsa Alam City, HEPCA's team checked the site to discover an Oil pollution stain 300 meters long and 1 meters wide on the beach estimated 6 to 8 cubic meters, from an unknown source may be caused by a leak from commercial boat engines near the coast area or clean-up of oil tanks of a boat in the nearby area.

Both teams of HEPCA and Shagra Village cooperated in demolishing the stain and were able to completely remove this pollution. HEPCA's team is inspecting the coast line along South Red Sea to see if there are remains for this pollution.

We would like to thank the management & staff of Shagra Village for their usual support for the environmental conservation & protection.


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