13 Jun2020

World Ocean Day Clean-ups

World Ocean Day Clean-ups


As part of our regular clean-up campaigns for public beaches and Islands in the Red Sea, and in celebration of World ocean day, HEPCA conducted two clean-up operations in Hurghada & Marsa Alam.

The first clean-up took place at Felfela Public beach in Hurghada with the help of approximately 70 volunteers who managed to collect about 400 Kilograms of plastic debris from the beach.

Many thanks to all the volunteers for their magnificent efforts in this event, without you we couldn't make it :)

The second clean-up operation was done by HEPCA's Solid Waste team in Marsa Alam for Awlad Baraka Public beach (Tondoba Bay) K14 south of Marsa Alam, where we managed to collect a good amount of Solid Waste debris from the beach.

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