06 Dec2017

HEPCA hosts a group of youths for World Tsunami Awareness Day

HEPCA hosts a group of youths for World Tsunami Awareness Day


World Tsunami Awareness Day 2017 aims to raise awareness of tsunami risks and share innovative approaches to reduce their impacts. The day align its aim with the International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR 2017) and the "Sendai seven Campaign" which will focus this year on Target B of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction which aims at reducing the number of affected people globally by disasters, Furthermore, the day will highlight interlinkages between disaster risk reduction, climate change, and the sustainable development goals The Arab Youth for Resilience Campaign 2017-2020 was recently launched by UNISDR - Arab States - Regional Office in consultation with partner organizations and regional experts to strengthen the role of youth in implementing Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (2015-2030), the SDGs, and the Paris Climate Agreement. The campaign aims to build Arab youth capacities in disaster risk reduction, mobilize and institutionalize youth participation for enhancing community resilience, as well as develop youth policy positions at the local, national, and regional levels We were glad to welcome on board of our research vessel R/V Amr Ali - The Red Sea Defender a group of Arab youth engaged in fields related to Biodiversity, Climate Change, Disaster Risk Reduction, Maritime Sciences, Urban Development in coastal cities and coastal protection to attend an educational session presented by HEPCA's team in the southern Red Sea focusing on the following topics: -The Red Sea, Origin, formation, History and importance - Oceanography of the Red Sea, Ecosystems, human impact, natural threats - Integrated Coastal Zone Management ICZM and expectations such as Maintaining the functional integrity of the coastal resource systems, Reducing resource-use conflicts, Maintaining the health of the environment, Facilitating the progress of multisectoral development , Environmentally appropriate development and Understand disaster resilience in coastal settings Participants listened to information about HEPCA's ongoing projects such as Red Sea Mooring Systems and Solid Waste Management and Community Development Projects and much more They also received information about the upcoming research expeditions such as The Red Sea Shark Week, Shipwrecks and Deep Sea Research, Climate change and Global Warming Research Expedition, and the Red Sea Dolphins and Turtles Expedition which will be conducted this year on board the R/V Amr Ali Red Sea Defender. Participants also received a lecture on the importance of small organisms such as Plankton and their role in the food chain and they've got the chance to practically use the Microscopes to inspect some samples of Plankton which can't be usually observed by eye-sight.

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