02 Dec2017

HEPCA hosts local Marsa Alam students on board the R/V Amr Ali - Red Sea Defender

HEPCA hosts local Marsa Alam students on board the R/V Amr Ali - Red Sea Defender


Over the past years HEPCA has taken the mission to raise environmental consciousness and grow passion for our natural resources among our community, especially our younger generations. The future of the Red Sea depends on environmentally conscious youth with an appreciation of its natural resources As part of the USAID/Egypt LIFE - Red Sea Sustainable Growth II Project which is a U.S. Government-funded project implemented in coordination with HEPCA. The project seeks to raise the standard of living within the southern Red Sea, and promoting environmental conservation and awareness; HEPCA is currently hosting students from local public schools in Marsa Alam and the southern Red Sea on board of our educational Vessel R/V Amr Ali - The Red Sea Defender to attend our educational programs with the aim of creating a whole generation of Red Sea Defenders The R/V Amr Ali - Red Sea Defender boat is a project supported by the U.S. Forest Service an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture; is fitted with many of the latest educational tools and equipment, which enables students to learn about the ecosystems and engage in experiments designed to increase their knowledge about its conservation Participants also received a lecture on the importance of small organisms such as Plankton and their role in the food chain and get the chance to practically use the Microscopes and other lab equipment to inspect some samples of Plankton, Bacteria and some Algae, tiny crustaceans and many other organisms which can't be usually observed by eye-sight Our hope and aim is to create an environmentally conscious youth, aware of the importance of the natural resources of the Red Sea, and who believes in the value of conserving these riches for the generations to come as a national and patriotic duty and one of the cornerstones of building a strong tourism industry in the region, which is one of the most important economic sectors in Egypt

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