09 Sep2014

Rescue Mission Accomplished !

Rescue Mission Accomplished !


22 dolphins stranded in the shallow waters in Marsa Alam, Hepca & local community go to the rescue! We have some great news, on the 8th of September, Hepca team and the local community of Marsa Alam successfully rescued a family of 22 dolphins stranded in the shallow waters of a semi-closed lagoon in Marsa Allam and lead them into the deep blue. Three days before, a family of 22 individuals of Spinner Dolphin (stenella longirostris) have lost their way and ended up stranded in the shallow waters in one of the semi-closed lagoons at the Marsa Alam Harbor (25° 4'53.39"N 34°53'53.82"E) , unable to go back to the deep sea. These dolphins, according to Photo-identification analysis conducted by the Hepca research team throughout the years, have been observed several times in the past few years in Samadai and are considered residents of the area. The Hepca team, with the support of more than 30 concerned individuals from the local community with the support of the local boats ( King, Princess Maria, King1, Esther, Aqua Blue 2), started an operation to rescue the dolphins at 06:30 in the mooring with an assessment of location and health condition of the group and potential risks. The actual rescue operation started yesterday afternoon, around 13.30, and lasted for 9 hours, leading the 22 dolphins out of the semi-closed lagoon and into the deep blue. It was worth every effort, and we wanted to share with you the good news.

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