17 Sep2014

281 New Samadai Certified Guides in the Southern Red Sea

281 New Samadai Certified Guides in the Southern Red Sea


Within the month of August, Hepca conducted a series of Samadai Guides Training and Certification sessions are part of our "best practice guides" for the Red Sea region and aim to revitalize the Samadai experience as much more than just swimming with dolphins. These are all part of HEPCA's efforts to manage guest expectations, implement best practice guides for the region, and to unlock the true potential of this world-class tourism wonder. This is a necessary step towards exemplifying this destination's environmental performance and thereby ensuring our regions competitiveness on the world tourism market. Within the last month Hepca was able to train and certify over 280 Local Guide from different 38 operation in the southern Red Sea.

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