Hepca Red Sea Defender Research Vessel

The Red Sea Defender Research Vessel (RSDRV) is a marine based research platform for eco-volunteers to gain first-hand insight into the world of marine biology and underwater eco-systems. Part of this experience is designed to involve volunteers in conservation and ground-breaking research, led by HEPCA’s international research team. The RSDRV is characterized by unparalleled safety procedures and other facilities that make this boat perfectly suitable for long and short-term research trips.

The RSDRV offers full research and educational facilities including two laboratories (chemical and biological); sampling tools (fishing gear, water samplers, sediment grabs, plankton nets, etc); two water analysis multiprops; current and light meters; tagging equipment; teaching facilities (lecturing areas, multimedia presentation and computer facilities); diving and snorkeling equipment; underwater photographic equipment; and ROV and all necessary navigation tools.

The boat is manned by teaching staff or program leaders and an experienced underwater support crew. The management and crew of the RSDRV are highly experienced in environmental and research work, having supported the work of HEPCA in the boat’s previous life as a diving, exploratory and support vessel.

The Red Sea Defender’s initial project is the Red Sea Dolphin project, dedicated to the study of dolphins and documenting their abundance, distribution, and ecology in the Red Sea. This is the first research project completely dedicated to dolphins and whale (cetacean) in the Egyptian Red Sea.

The trip is open for anybody who would like to join and you can read more about the project here