Research overview

Over the last two decades, the natural resources of the Red Sea have suffered from the impact of un-managed human activity including; intensive coastal development, pollution, curio trade, the overuse of marine resources, and climate change. These resources belong to a region of enormous biological richness that we are still discovering and learning about.

HEPCA is committed to acquiring the scientific knowledge required to properly implement sustainable practices throughout the region. Support from scientists and their research will allow us to correctly investigate, assess, manage and conserve our natural resources.

  • Red Sea Defender

    Red Sea Defender

    The Red Sea Defender is the first dedicated scientific research vessel to be in permanent operation in the Red Sea. The vessel provides a floating laboratory for teams of scientists and environmental enthusiasts, transporting them to sites of important interest to conduct their studies.

  • Sahl Hasheesh Research Station

    Marine Research Station

    Plans are in motion to develop the first dedicated marine research facility in the Red Sea. The centre will become the hub for all environmental and biological studies within the region, providing an exceptional facility for scientists from across the globe, as well as an educational outlet for local schools and communities.

  • Research Projects

    Research Projects

    Learn more about all of HEPCA’s current active research projects across the Red Sea.

  • Resources

    Research Resources

    We have created a library of scientific papers and reports emerging from the Red Sea. Studies are available for download.