• 20 March 2013 |

Corrupt Boat Operators Criminal Insanity and Wholesale Shark Slaughter!

Corrupt Boat Operators Criminal Insanity and Wholesale Shark Slaughter!



If there are still boat operators that are stupid enough to think they are going to get away with this sort of activity, you're in for a big surprise. We're going to make you famous beyond your wildest dreams.

Let's get this investigation started! We need a community intervention now! If you're as infuriated about this as we are, go ahead and visit their website. They seem like a very professional company and even offer live chat service. See if they can convince you that you can have the vacation experience of a lifetime slaughtering defenseless sharks in the Red Sea.

Egyptra Travel Service - http://www.egyptra.com/Excursions/Hurghada-Excursion/Sharks-Fishing-Red-Sea-Open-Water/#bookingForm

The photos you see in this article of slaughtered sharks were being used by Egyptra Travel Service to promote shark fishing trips in the Red Sea. We have confirmed that shark fishing trips were being offered recently by Egyptra Travel Service, and this was portrayed publicly on their web-site. We received multiple reports about this company from the community and we confirmed the allegations through our own investigation.











جرائم جنونيه و و ذبح قروش بالجمله

لايزال هناك بعض منفذى رحلات البحر و اصحاب القوارب  يعتقدون انهم يستطيعون الافلات بهذه الممارسات  و تؤكد الجمعية  انهم على خطأ تام حيث اننا لن نسمح بمثل هذه الانتهاكات ، و سنجعلهم اشهر مما يتخيلون

و سوف نبدأ التحقيق فى امر تلك الشركة ونحتاج  تدخل افراد  المجتمع فورا ، لذا اذا كنتم فى قمه الغضب مثلنا زوروا موقعهم  "ايجيبترا" حيث يبدوا من الموقع تعاملهم  بمهنيه بحته ، و تستطيع التواصل معهم من خلال الموقع ،تحقق اذا كانوا  سيستطيعوناقناعك بخوض تجربة صيد القروش بالبحر الاحمر المخالف لكافة القوانين