STOP dolphin captivity in Egypt

Since the 17th of August 2010, HEPCA has been spearheading a massive campaign against planned dolphinariums in Hurgada. The campaign began when four bottlenose dolphins being held in captivity were first reported to us by our members. The animals are from Japan, most likely caught at sea in the infamously cruel drive hunts (, and are proposed for transfer to the Sharm El Sheik dolphinarium (Dolphina Park) as soon as the required quarantine (105 days) is over. We have also discovered that 4 more dolphins are expected to be imported from Japan and assigned to a brand new dolphinarium in Makadi Bay, Hurghada.

By signing this petition, you can help us put a stop to this cruel practice.

There are serious conservation and welfare concerns associated with the capture of dolphins in drive hunts and other live capture operations and their export overseas for display in dolphinaria. These dolphins should never have come to Egypt. Due to a serious lack of regulations, these animals are now doomed to live a life of imprisonment.

Furthermore, the Red Sea Governorate, after being informed about the four dolphins, officially defined its position against holding dolphins in captivity within the borders of  its jurisdiction.

Your immediate action is needed. Please sign the petition to tell the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation and  the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs  that you firmly object to dolphin captivity.



Dear decision makers,

We, the undersigned, are hereby proclaiming our disapproval of keeping dolphins in captivity within the borders of Egypt.  The existence of dolphinaria is detrimental to the welfare of dolphins and causes harm and death to them through capture, transportation, and confinement in captivity. This is true for both wild-captured and captive-born animals.

Our request is based on scientific and factual evidence that keeping dolphins in captivity only benefits humans who profit from them, but has no conservation, educational or scientific value whatsoever.

Governments need to be firmer in their response to these important threats to these animals and prevent dolphinaria from establishing, while also helping to educate the public, many of whom flock to dolphinaria to watch the dolphins cavorting, blissfully unaware of the suffering and death toll that such shows entail.

We hereby respectfully petition you to:

  • PREVENT the opening of a new dolphinarium in Makadi Bay (south of Hurghada) which is supposed to open its gates soon.
  • DO NOT grant any further permits for the establishment of dolphinaria in the Red Sea Governorate
  • PASS required legislation to prohibit commercial captive display of dolphins and other marine mammals in Egypt, as another Party to ACCOBAMS, Croatia, has done.

We will lobby vigorously, for the passing of new laws to make Egypt and especially the Red Sea Governorate free from this heartbreaking, inhumane business.

  • PREVENT the opening of a new dolphinarium in Makadi Bay (sout... more
STOP dolphin captivity in Egypt

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#8616- 16:55, Jan 06, Helen Pilipiszyn, United Kingdom
#8615- 16:39, Jan 06, Melanie Zosso, Switzerland
#8614- 16:05, Jan 06, mahmoud mohamed, Egypt
i like hepca
#8613- 13:02, Jan 06, Jakub Banasiak, Poland
Please end captivity of dolphins. No dolphinariums, no dolphins traffiking.
#8612- 10:08, Jan 06, Max Wolff, Luxembourg
Stop this!
#8611- 12:47, Jan 05, Neil Jones, United Kingdom
#8610- 13:11, Jan 04, Barbara Luigs, Germany
#8609- 05:04, Jan 04, Sylvie Backes, Luxembourg
Stop this, dolphins need to be free !
#8608- 04:20, Jan 04, Jane Waterhouse, United Kingdom
#8607- 03:11, Jan 04, valerie siddiqui, United Kingdom
For the sake of the conservation of this unique environment, please protect the dolphins and stop them being kept in captivity and exploited by humans. Dophins belong in the wild.
#8606- 03:27, Jan 03, Peter Lund Nielsen, Denmark
#8605- 02:23, Jan 03, Willi Van Boven, Belgium
#8604- 06:52, Jan 02, Hazem Adel, United Arab Emirates
#8603- 08:47, Jan 01, Mathieu Castaing, France
#8602- 02:01, Dec 31, Sabine Fontes, Germany
...stop killing the oceans...
#8601- 14:38, Dec 30, bertrand viti, Italy
we must preserve the nature!! stop act as barbarian people!!
#8600- 06:28, Dec 30, Mona Osman, Netherlands
#8599- 20:22, Dec 29, Marcela Lopezlira, United States
#8598- 03:35, Dec 29, Alexander Weber, Germany
#8597- 00:00, Nov 15, marie lindberg, Sweden
#8596- 00:00, Nov 15, David Lees, United Kingdom
Iv joined sea shepherd to help stop this and i will do till the day i die
#8595- 00:00, Nov 15, Rose-Marie Karlsson, Sweden
#8594- 00:00, Nov 15, kerry milward, United Kingdom
#8593- 00:00, Nov 15, Marion Frommer, Germany
#8592- 00:00, Nov 15, Pam Krzyza, South Africa
#8591- 00:00, Nov 15, Michel VISSE, Belgium
une approche simple de la vie, vivre chaque moment intensأ©ment, l’entraide, l’humilitأ©, le respect des hommes et de l’environnement
#8590- 00:00, Nov 14, Isabel Baez, United States
#8589- 00:00, Nov 14, Helen Manton, United Kingdom
#8588- 00:00, Nov 14, Ann kristin Bratteng, Norway
#8587- 00:00, Nov 14, Carin Johansson, Sweden
#8586- 00:00, Nov 14, Jenny Wood, United Kingdom
Dolphins should be released into their natural environment people could then see them living their lives normally
#8585- 00:00, Nov 14, John Grooters, Netherlands
Stop the dolphin captivity! Egypt has a lot other beauty to offer. In the wild, as it should be.
#8584- 00:00, Nov 14, Jessica Astrom, Sweden
#8583- 00:00, Nov 14, Priska Mittermair, Germany
#8582- 00:00, Nov 13, Thomas Botch, United States
#8581- 00:00, Nov 13, Madhumathy Sugavanam, United States
Dolphins are gentle, intelligent with self-awareness close to that of man. For such an animal to be imprisoned in small concrete tanks for life, is untenable. Leah Lemieux's book 'Rekindling the Waters' would leave the reader in no doubt about the frustration and the helpless agony felt by captive dolphins! Do the honorable thing, set the dolphins and set an example for the rest of the world to follow.
#8580- 00:00, Nov 13, Anne Austin, United States
#8579- 00:00, Nov 13, Terre Meek, United States
#8578- 00:00, Nov 13, Tess Downey, Canada
Please see to it that these lovely creatures are treated humanely. Do you ever think about what it would be like to live in a closet? That is comarable to what these poor dophins are living every day of their lives. Please stop this insanity
#8577- 00:00, Nov 13, Donna Beasley, United States
#8576- 00:00, Nov 13, Werner Esslinger, Germany
#8575- 00:00, Nov 13, emma fogagnolo, United Kingdom
we MUST protect the enviroment or nothing will be left for future generations
#8574- 00:00, Nov 13, Falko Wendt, Germany
Let's fight for their (for all animals) rights!!!!!!!!
#8573- 00:00, Nov 13, marta ghermandi, United Kingdom
#8572- 00:00, Nov 13, Sasha Rawstorne, South Africa
I feel that any animal mistreatment is shocking and should be stopped. We all are on the same planet for a reason. To live and protect. This dolphin captivity is shocking, they are wild animals for a reason and SHOULD remain that way, they are not born for our entertainment. Stop The abuse.
#8571- 00:00, Nov 12, Omar Mercado, Peru
#8570- 00:00, Nov 12, Ewa Piasecka, Poland
#8569- 00:00, Nov 12, Lynn Wilbur, United States
#8568- 00:00, Nov 12, Hauchard Nathalie, France
#8567- 00:00, Nov 12, Stephen Graham, United Kingdom
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