STOP dolphin captivity in Egypt

Since the 17th of August 2010, HEPCA has been spearheading a massive campaign against planned dolphinariums in Hurgada. The campaign began when four bottlenose dolphins being held in captivity were first reported to us by our members. The animals are from Japan, most likely caught at sea in the infamously cruel drive hunts (, and are proposed for transfer to the Sharm El Sheik dolphinarium (Dolphina Park) as soon as the required quarantine (105 days) is over. We have also discovered that 4 more dolphins are expected to be imported from Japan and assigned to a brand new dolphinarium in Makadi Bay, Hurghada.

By signing this petition, you can help us put a stop to this cruel practice.

There are serious conservation and welfare concerns associated with the capture of dolphins in drive hunts and other live capture operations and their export overseas for display in dolphinaria. These dolphins should never have come to Egypt. Due to a serious lack of regulations, these animals are now doomed to live a life of imprisonment.

Furthermore, the Red Sea Governorate, after being informed about the four dolphins, officially defined its position against holding dolphins in captivity within the borders of  its jurisdiction.

Your immediate action is needed. Please sign the petition to tell the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation and  the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs  that you firmly object to dolphin captivity.



Dear decision makers,

We, the undersigned, are hereby proclaiming our disapproval of keeping dolphins in captivity within the borders of Egypt.  The existence of dolphinaria is detrimental to the welfare of dolphins and causes harm and death to them through capture, transportation, and confinement in captivity. This is true for both wild-captured and captive-born animals.

Our request is based on scientific and factual evidence that keeping dolphins in captivity only benefits humans who profit from them, but has no conservation, educational or scientific value whatsoever.

Governments need to be firmer in their response to these important threats to these animals and prevent dolphinaria from establishing, while also helping to educate the public, many of whom flock to dolphinaria to watch the dolphins cavorting, blissfully unaware of the suffering and death toll that such shows entail.

We hereby respectfully petition you to:

  • PREVENT the opening of a new dolphinarium in Makadi Bay (south of Hurghada) which is supposed to open its gates soon.
  • DO NOT grant any further permits for the establishment of dolphinaria in the Red Sea Governorate
  • PASS required legislation to prohibit commercial captive display of dolphins and other marine mammals in Egypt, as another Party to ACCOBAMS, Croatia, has done.

We will lobby vigorously, for the passing of new laws to make Egypt and especially the Red Sea Governorate free from this heartbreaking, inhumane business.

  • PREVENT the opening of a new dolphinarium in Makadi Bay (sout... more
STOP dolphin captivity in Egypt

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Targeted Signatures: 10000

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#9347- 11:19, Nov 14, Nicolai Romanowicz, Germany
#9346- 19:58, Sep 11, Farah Mostafa, Egypt
#9345- 14:09, May 27, Terry Verhaert, Belgium
#9344- 05:33, Aug 26, Sabina Horn, Austria
#9343- 05:42, Jul 29, Katarina Kosinarova, Slovakia
#9342- 18:55, Jul 09, Petra Tarabová, Czech Republic
#9341- 10:03, Jul 08, Radmila Nagyova, Slovakia
#9340- 21:21, Jul 07, Milan Lysak, United Kingdom
#9339- 21:05, Jul 07, VLADKA Holanova, Czech Republic
#9338- 20:18, Jul 07, Lucie Jakubcová, Czech Republic
#9337- 20:06, Jul 07, eva hejdova, Czech Republic
free doplhins
#9336- 16:13, Jul 07, Judita Pokorná, Czech Republic
#9335- 15:04, Jul 07, Kateřina Lébrová, Czech Republic
#9334- 14:54, Jul 07, zuzana mravikova, Slovakia
#9333- 22:19, Feb 24, Youssef ElNahas, Egypt
#9332- 19:07, Jan 25, June Reading, United Kingdom
Free these beautiful creatures they are not here for our entertainment all countries that allow this should be ashamed of themselves
#9331- 13:05, Nov 17, Leif Humpert, Germany
#9330- 16:44, Oct 08, Olav Borwig, Germany
#9329- 20:32, Aug 19, Rana Mosselhy, Egypt
#9328- 20:36, Apr 16, Mandy how, United Kingdom
#9327- 14:06, Apr 13, tahnee laternser, Germany
stop this animal torture!!!! FREE THE DOLPHINES
#9326- 15:41, Feb 27, Cindi Buzzell, United States
#9325- 07:25, Feb 26, Cendrine LE GAL, France
Freedom for dolphins ! They can't live in a bath, only survive, as in every jail.
#9324- 22:07, Feb 25, Ulrica Sjögren, Sweden
#9323- 21:38, Feb 25, Suzan Toma, Netherlands
#9322- 14:54, Feb 25, Judith Allen, Australia
#9321- 09:55, Feb 25, Chris Coldrick , United Kingdom
#9320- 23:27, Feb 24, marlou wevers, Netherlands
#9319- 22:53, Feb 24, beate dietrich, United States
#9318- 22:45, Feb 24, manuela wolter, Costa Rica
#9317- 22:42, Feb 24, Anne Dubois, Belgium
Captivity kills,stop captivity,let them all free
#9316- 19:00, Feb 24, Paula Dyer, United Kingdom
Dolphins are highly intelligent, complex beings and do not do well in captivity. They look like they're happy but they've often got terrible infections and some have even been known to commit suicide.
#9315- 18:49, Feb 24, Jette Guyette, United States
“People speak sometimes about the "bestial" cruelty of man, but that is terribly unjust and offensive to beasts, no animal could ever be so cruel as a man, so artfully, so artistically cruel.”
#9314- 16:35, Feb 24, Jo Taylor, United Kingdom
#9313- 16:14, Feb 24, Lulu Griffin-Wroe, United Kingdom
#9312- 15:30, Feb 24, Lorraine Deacon, United Kingdom
#9311- 15:28, Feb 24, Linda Penrose , Canada
No More Captivity !!! Period !!
#9310- 15:27, Feb 24, Sarah White, United Kingdom
#9309- 15:17, Feb 24, Julie Evans, United Kingdom
#9308- 15:15, Feb 24, Pam Pendleton, United States
This atrocity must end! Humans must learn respect & compassion for all life. Our species is destroying the planet.
#9307- 15:09, Feb 24, Linda McGee , United Kingdom
#9306- 12:59, Feb 24, Maggie Baptiste, United Kingdom
#9305- 09:00, Feb 24, Tina Smythe, United Kingdom
#9304- 06:22, Feb 24, Rachael Pasta, Australia
#9303- 03:35, Feb 24, richard valdambrini, United Kingdom
#9302- 03:33, Feb 24, Susan Pell, United Kingdom
The cruelty surrounding drive hunts and the keeping of Dolphins in captivity has no place in a civilised world. Responsible Eco tourism has been shown as more profitable and sustainable than cetacean captivity, and preserves the species for future generations. There is simply no excuse for this abhorrent cruelty, and the only 'reason' for it is Greed.
#9301- 02:19, Feb 24, Sally Astor, Canada
#9300- 01:34, Feb 24, Jenina Castillo-Vaaquez, United States
Sentient beings do not belong in captivity, living their lives out as slaves for human entertainment! Captivity kills!
#9299- 23:58, Feb 23, Neil Henley, United Kingdom
#9298- 23:22, Feb 23, liliane moraes, Brazil
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