Last Update: 08 September 2012

Boat Crew Training

Ongoing Education Program for Skippers and Crews.

HEPCA believes in the power of education first and foremost. We have spearheaded many campaigns in the region to raise awareness of environmental, conservation and safety issues for tourists, workers and the local community alike.

Running alongside the HEPCA Mooring Project, we have initiated training programs for more than 800 boat skippers and hundreds of additional boat crews throughout the Red Sea region. Such workshops increase safety awareness, which has a direct impact on decreasing the accident ratio within the Red Sea. The main advantages of the different workshops conducted within the activity has an everlasting effect. This ongoing educational project teaches the preservation of the coral reefs and marine life through the correct use of mooring buoys. In fact, one of the leading causes of mooring damage is improper use of the moorings, including for example, physical damage by ramming and the tying of too many boats onto a single mooring. 

The main achievable objectives for this eductional this activity are:

  • To train the boat captains on the standardised procedures for using the mooring system.
  • To increase the environmental awareness of the boating community, by introducing them to the marine environment and its components.
  • To increase the professional performance of the boat captains by increasing nautical knowledge.

The three main activities are:

  • Boat Captain Training: To train Captains to use the buoy mooring system. This includes components discussing basic marine ecology and tourism studies.
  • Crew Training: A basic training to the crew by HEPCA, to train the crews on the use of mooring buoys and a section on the environment.  There is also a section on how to operate around tourists. To decrease the impact of humans on the natural resources of the Red Sea, through educating the boating community. Topics such as over fishing dynamite fishing and shell collecting were investigated in interesting training workshops.
  • Tour Representative Training: The tour representatives respresent a first point of contact with the tourist through their welcome meetings. Providing these personnel with accurate information to pass onto guests, helps HEPCA to achieve its aim.  Tour representatives are in a primary position to advise tourists on sustainable behviour within our region.


Furthermore, we would like to introduce the rank and file workers category to language courses to improve their ability to communicate with their guests.



Conservation Training for Boat Captains working in the Red Sea

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