Last Update: 09 September 2012

School Environmental Curriculum

The HEPCA Healthy Habitat Education Program has been designed by teachers and scientific experts as a didactic resource for a wide range of key stages.

The sessions and resources are informative and instructive and aim to enhance awareness of our local environment and the techniques used to both enhance and sustain human activity. Cross-curricular content provides a link to the core subjects of Mathematics, Science and English; as well as further links to Geographical studies, History and Sociology. Our sessions use dialogic teaching methods to scaffold an individual’s understanding and development, whilst simultaneously stimulating independent thought and consideration.

Schools can incorporate the HEPCA educational program into their curriculums by simply downloading our lesson plans and resources, or invite our team of experts into your school to conduct the sessions for you: providing an exciting and invigorating event for your pupils.

Five-part series

The program has been separated into five key sessions:

  • The Parting of the Red Sea: A geological story of how the Red Sea began
  • Our Living Coral Reef: Red Sea marine ecology
  • Red Sea Sharks: Biological behaviour and survival
  • The Story of Stuff: A sociological investigation into human impact on our environment
  • The future of the Red Sea: Sustainable practices for our future


Additional sessions

From time-to-time we will generate bonus sessions and material relating to emerging issues within our locality.  To support our current campaign to ban dolphinariums in the Red Sea, we have designed a special session entitled:

No Tank You! Protecting our Red Sea Dolphins

Tasks & Activities: Assessing understanding and progression

Throughout the sessions pupils will engage a number of skills through a range of activities including: dramatic performance, speaking & listening, formal and informal presentation, ICT, art.  It is possible for pupils to create a project book, collating their ideas and findings during their investigation and evaluation.

Tasks can be linked to APP to support teacher-pupil assessment.

Obtaining the program

Contact us for further information on our program, or download resources from our educational resources area.