Last Update: 08 September 2012


Hayah, meaning ‘Life’ in Arabic, is HEPCA’s most ambitious environmental project yet. The project was launched on Earth Day, April 22nd 2008; the largest annual environmental event that is celebrated simultaneously around the globe by more than half a billion people.
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The aim of Hayah is to involve all sections of the Red Sea community working towards the following objectives:

1. Raising awareness

Raising environmental awareness of multiple stakeholders in our Red Sea community (e.g. diving and water sport operators, hotels, schools, tourists, tour operators / travel agents and local communities / organisations).

2. Education and responsibility

Educating all stakeholders in the importance of individual and collective responsibility for our environment and providing ideas, methods and support for each and every one of us to make a difference.

3. Active participation

Encouraging all stakeholders in environmental citizenship and assisting them in positive actions to help ensure the overall sustainability of our Red Sea environment (on land and water).

Hayah was launched on Earth Day with a series of educational and clean-up events. The project is not a one-off, one-day event however. A full program of environmental actions, ongoing projects, awareness materials and resources will be rolled out over the coming months. More information on this exciting community project will be released soon including a complete micro site dedicated to Hayah.




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