Last Update: 08 September 2012

Public Awareness

Public awareness is key to the success of conservation strategy. HEPCA is involved in a large number of environmental awareness raising activities targeted at the local community, schools, tourism industry, and service providers.

We design and print thousands of multi-lingual leaflets, flyers, posters, adverts, brochures, signs and stickers every year. For example, stickers with pictograms outlining the rules of the sea are visible on vessels, within diving centres, and on sign posts throughout the region. Those visible markers of environmental protection efforts provide evidence that such an effort exists and in the past have been successful in bringing the environmental conservation message to visitors and the local populace alike.


Special attention and training is given to whom is dealing with the public everyday and is in a unique position to educate and even prevent regularly occurring environmental infringements, such as taking corals or shells from the beach, and standing on the reef during swimming and snorkelling.


HEPCA also offers a range of supplementary products like t-shirts, mugs and accessories, to increase awareness of the work we do, and help us to raise the funds neede to support our campaigns.

A public environmental awareness and education activity guide is available, alongside information flyers and other marketing materials on many of our projects. HEPCA also produces The Official Dive Guide to the Red Sea, a book of over 50 dive site maps and briefings in four languages. Take a look at our online catalogue for more information on what we offer.

The waste bins in the departure halls at Hurghada airport often feature coral and shells collected by tourists. The Red Sea Governorate are installing HEPCA environmental signs throughout the arrival halls at the airport to discourage this practice and encourage positive environmental responsibility for all.


El Quseir Charter on Coral Reef Protection


From 6 to 9 December 2005, a symposium on coral reef protection was held in El Quseir on the Red Sea in Egypt at the initiative of the diving company SUBEX.

For the first time ever, a body comprising government representatives, environmental lobbyists, academics, members of the tourism trade, diving enthusiasts and the media met up to work out some pointers on coral reef protection.

Stakeholders are invited to voluntarily sign the EL QUSEIR CHARTA in acknowledgment of their share of the responsibility for conserving our marine habitats. By signing they also actively undertake to conserve coral reefs for themselves and future generations.

To ensure that this objective is achieved, the EL QUSEIR CHARTA is to be distributed worldwide and its global acceptance secured as soon as possible.


The EL QUSEIR CHARTA was published in January 2006 to coincide with Boot Düsseldorf, the international boat show held in Germany. It will subsequently be posted on the website



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