Last Update: 09 September 2012

Hebat Allah

The 51m wreck of the Hebat Allah was sunk in 2004 and opened as an official dive site in December 2005. It is the first and only artificial reef dive site created in the Hurghada region, and is frequented only by technical divers due to the fact that it lies bolt upright on a flat sandy seabed around 45m depth.

In October 2009, HEPCA divers teamed up with GUE Egypt (Global Underwater Explorers) and Colona Divers in a project to install new moorings to secure the wreck and improve the safety of diving her. It is hoped that more and more technical divers will come to appreciate diving this unique wreck as the ship is almost entirely intact and the accommodation area easy to explore. Her masts rise up to around 15m below the surface.

The Hebat Allah project also recognises the importance of this wreck as an artificial reef in offering a unique marine research opportunity to monitor reef growth from a baseline of her sinking five years ago. An initial assessment of marine life and coral presence was undertaken in October and recorded some extensive fish life including groupers, lionfish, many schooling fish and also a turtle. There were several coral species, including some hard corals, but their current poor coverage is likely to be due to both the depth of the wreck and also the fact that it lies some distance away from an established coral reef.

Going forward, HEPCA and GUE Egypt, with the support of Colona Divers, are intending to dive the Hebat Allah frequently with the following goals of the project in mind:

1. To maintain the constant presence of the mooring lines (previous lines have been lost due to fishing activity and incorrect mooring practices) in order to maximise the Hebat Allah’s potential as a safe and exciting technical diving site

2. To survey and document the coral growth and marine life diversity at depths greater than 35m, thereby using the Hebat Allah as a valuable marine research site, as well as continuous monitoring of the overall condition of the wreck.