The Hadaba Pilot Project

HEPCA launched a yearlong pilot solid waste management project in Hurghada that began in February of 2010. The project encompassed one of Hurghada’s more densely populated districts, the Hadaba district. Solid waste pileups in Hadaba had reached an unprecedented level, posing serious health risks on the resident population, an image with devastating impacts on the tourism industry, in addition to numerous adverse impacts to the environment. The goal of the project -dubbed: The Hadaba Cleanup Campaign- was not simply the removal of existing pileups, but rather the introduction of an efficient sustainable collection methodology coupled with the incitement of a change in the solid waste disposal habits of the community in this Hurghada district.

The project was inaugurated with a month long cleanup of existing pileups, utilising a fleet of loaders and tippers, and more than two dozen workers

As each street was cleaned up, a HEPCA team entered with awareness material, and a set of simple directions for the proper practices of waste disposal. Every building was required to have sufficient containers for their waste output; HEPCA provided branded 120 litre containers at cost price. In parallel to the awareness campaign, door to door collection commenced twice a day.

The project was met with a great deal of cooperation from the resident population, who have continued to work with the HEPCA team on the ground in the reporting of any violations and maintaining the streets waste free. A change in attitude and daily habits is easily noticeable in the streets of Hadaba.