Last Update: 09 September 2012

Patrol Boat Campaign

Please help us fight illegal activities in the Red Sea and get your copy of the “Official Dive Guide to the Red Sea” today!

The Red Sea is blessed with a unique ecosystem. It is home to 1,248 identified species of fish, out of which more than 200 are endemic, and 250 species of coral, out of which around 20 can only be found in the Red Sea. The sea that divides the African from the Asian continent is one of the few places in the world, where you can dive with hammerhead sharks, thresher sharks and oceanic white tip sharks on one and the same dive. Some of the most exciting underwater encounters imaginable can also take place in the Red Sea: dolphins, whale sharks, mantas and dugongs are often present here even if you need a fair portion of luck and a great deal of patience to find them.


But it is also a sea in deep trouble. Today thousands of divers and snorkelers come from all over the world to explore the Red Sea. The stress it is exposed to increases on a daily basis. This situation called for rules that have been implemented to protect the marine life. Rules include:


  • Do not throw anything in the water!
  • Do not anchor, use moorings!
  • Do not feed any marine world inhabitants!
  • Do not spearfish!
  • Do not collect anything underwater!
  • Do not touch anything underwater!


Additionally, there are many laws and regulations when it comes to fishing activities in the Red Sea. To read more about that, please go to our Sustainable Fishing section.


Unfortunately, many boat operators and individuals still do not follow the regulations implemented to protect the sea. Anchors are still being thrown out on the reefs, trawlers pass by on a regular basis and protected areas like offshore islands are being used to fish and sunbath. There is a clear lack of enforcement when it comes to making sure that the rules are being followed.


If we want the Red Sea to have a chance of a survival, this inappropriate behaviour needs to change immediately. Overfishing is already an issue that affects our waters to a large extent. Corals are breaking due to irresponsible behaviour of snorkelers and divers. More and more seabirds, turtles and marine mammals die because of ingested plastic that was thrown overboard.


For this reason HEPCA wants to invest in a new boat to patrol the Red Sea and fight illegal activities. And we need YOUR HELP to put this plan into action!


“The official Dive Guide to the Red Sea” is a book covering more than 50 dive sites in El Gouna, Shaab Abu Nuhas, Safaga and Hurghada. It gives specific information about each dive site including map, topography, description and dive plan and is a useful tool for everyone, who dives the Red Sea.


It is available in English and German language and can be purchased in many local dive centres and dive equipment stores along the Red Sea. It is also available in the HEPCA head office, Hurghada New Marina.


The income from every dive guide sold will go directly into the purchase of a new patrol boat. We need to sell at least 3000 copies in order to raise the money needed for the boat!

Once this is done, we can be out there every day and make sure that irresponsible behaviour will face hard times and eventually become less and less.


Please help us fight illegal activities in the Red Sea and get your copy of the “Official Dive Guide to the Red Sea” today!


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