Last Update: 08 September 2012

Mooring Wadi El Gimal

As more and more divers discover the fabled offshore islands of the Southern Egypt Red Sea, the pristine reefs in this area are under an unprecedented amount of pressure. HEPCA teamed up with US-based international environmental nonprofit organization SEACOLOGY to install a series of additional mooring buoys in the 494,100 acre marine reserve section of Wadi El Gimal National Park.

SEACOLOGY Executive Director Duane Silverstein led a passionate group of supporters and friends aboard Royal Evolution on an expedition to learn more about the unique environment of the Red Sea and gain hands-on experience installing the buoys with the HEPCA divers. The team also participated in a Bedouin ecotourism training program and enjoyed presentations and briefings on the many unique challenges we face in the Red Sea.

Check out a video of the mooring installation here.

HEPCA is delighted to be working with SEACOLOGY, which focuses on saving endangered species, habitats and cultures of islands throughout the world.



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Article about Seacology and HEPCA teaming up to protect coral reefs in the Red Sea

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Article about mooring in Wadi El Gimal

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