Last Update: 09 September 2012

Mooring El Quseir

A unique collaboration between HEPCA and the dive operators in EL Quseir has resulted in the largest mooring system El Quseir has ever seen. These pristine reefs have so far escaped the high volume traffic of many other diving and snorkelling destinations but now with more and more visitors to the Red Sea seeking their enjoyment away from the crowds, the reefs are under an increased threat.

Seven days after a meeting at Utopia Beach Club between HEPCA and representatives from local dive centres (Sub Aqua, Subex, Ducks Diving,, South Red Sea, Extra Divers, Diving Akassia, Pharaoh Dive Club), the work began. The HEPCA dive team joined together with local volunteer divers to install a series of new moorings and make renovations to the existing mooring system in the El Quseir area.

In total, 36 mooring lines were installed at 14 dive sites. Furthermore, the maintenance and upkeep of the mooring system is now the responsibility of local dive centres and those who dive here every day. This project is an example of the power of harnessing a collective community strategy to tackle environmental concerns that affect us all.

HEPCA hopes that this is the first of many such partnerships, not only in El Quseir, but also in all areas of the Red Sea.



Dive Centers team up to protect El Quseir reefs

Newsflash 04.09.2009 about the work in El Quseir that has been done by HEPCA and local dive centres considering mooring buoys

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