HEPCA Documentary Video

It is often very difficult for HEPCA to explain its reason for being. HEPCA acts as a watchdog over entirely destructive activities that would otherwise go un-questioned. This documentary highlights some of the issues we fight, and seeks to demonstrate why the presence of HEPCA is essential if we are going to educate a community to live sustainably today, in order to protect tomorrow.

The video tells the story of HEPCA’s humble beginnings and subsequent development into a progressive movement, based around communal solidarity and environmental protection. Without HEPCA’s presence and vigilant oversight, environmentally destructive activities would otherwise go un-questioned and un-punished.

The film is a short portrayal of the monumental tasks HEPCA has been at the helm of over the past 2 decades. It highlights some of the issues we fight for in order to protect the very lifeline of this region – the Red Sea’s delicate marine and terrestrial eco-system.