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Q .1

Who is HEPCA?

Q .2

What does ‘HEPCA’ stand for?

Q .3

Is HEPCA a governmental organisation?

Q .4

What is an NGO?

Q .5

What are the responsibilities of HEPCA?

Q .6

Why does the Red Sea need protection at all?

Q .7

What is the mooring buoy system?

Q .8

Why do the buoys need maintenance work?

Q .9

There is an oil spill on my beach. Can I call HEPCA to clean it up?

Q .10

Who are the HEPCA members?

Q .11

How much is it to become a HEPCA member?

Q .12

How do I benefit from being a HEPCA member?

Q .13

How does HEPCA finance their actions?

Q .14

Why is HEPCA not patrolling out on the sea?

Q .15

How do I report a violation at sea?

Q .16

Can individual supporters become HEPCA members?